5 Page Basic Site

5_pgStatic Website

A static website is used when there will be few changes to the site over time. The pages in this type of site will consist of:


Header usually but not necessarily an image. This is where you begin branding your company and you.

Footer contact details, copyright information

Content Area While the header and footer remain the same on all pages, your content will change on every page.


The Five Page Basic Site Pagestemplate

Home – Every site needs a homepage, like your front door it is where you greet your guests

About – Who and what your business is about

Products or Services – If you are going to be in business you must have something to sell

Favorites or Resources – A good page for affiliate resources

Contact – How do you want people to reach you


Once you have paid for your site, we will contact you at your convenience to discuss the overall plan for your site. You will be redirected to the interview form so you can be ready to discuss the site. Please be sure to let us know the best time to contact you.


  1. Purchase your domain name
  2. Arrange for a hosting account
  3. Create or have your header and footer images made
  4. Write the content for your site in plain text
  5. Decide on the images you will use for your site
  6. Once we have this information your site can be completed in 72 hours

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