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yes, this is me

Carolyn Winslow-Pearce

I am Applying For The Job Of Mentoring You

To be the best mentor and partner in your Internet Business.

So what is the Winning Way?

It is taking it one step at a time with a mentor to help and guide you along the way. There is only one way to eat an elephant and that my friend is “one bite at a time!”

I have been in business for myself for much of the last 30 years. My education has been in the school hard knocks. While this education teaches some lasting lessons, it can be very expensive, It has also been at the feet of some of the greatest business minds in this industry.

I love people and seeing them achieve goals. and abilities. One of my goals is to help guide you through the maze so that your education will be as good while at the same time avoiding some of the pitfalls and discouragement’s.

I am an artist at heart and taught people at the hospital how to use their computers. I love design and scrapbooks and so WinAssoc & The Winning Way was born. After all what is a web page if not a digital scrapbook? They are both images and text. Everyone has a story to tell, and no one can tell that story quite like you do.

Think of the web as the biggest yellow pages, the biggest library or the greatest communication tool of a lifetime, and you will begin to see the possibilities.

What Have I Done All My Life?
I worked in Pediatrics doing both nursing and administration duties. With the Visiting Nurse Association.. I worked with low income families in an educational and health care capacity. This was following a heartbreaking divorce. I was the mother of three, lived on welfare for the 2 years it took to get through school. I learned pride in this experience, pride in myself and the fact that I could do it. I learned that my greatest resource is me.

  • Distributor MLM Marketing
    This was my first experience with a network marketing company. In the year in this business until the company folded, we created a network of about 120 front line distributors and we earned a trip to France.
  • It was during this time, that I became sold on the industry. I saw the potential. If you know anything about the principle of compounding interest, you will understand the potential of compounding the efforts of many people.
  • Princess House Crystal – Direct Sales Party plan sales. In the 9 months I participated in this business, I became the 1970 sales queen. I was making more money working part time having fun at parties then I ever made working full time at the hospital. I was enjoying more time with my children and starting to build a relationship with my new husband. I learned that I could sell, but I could not build an organization. Yes, I was carrying baggage from my previous experience, but also when others would see the heavy cases, the set up and take down, it was difficult to recruit. Remember, I said difficult not impossible. When choosing a business, others will be thinking “can I do this?”
  • Owner And Manager of Crystal Wedding
    We were a full service wedding shop offering everything for the wedding, cake, flowers, catering. We were known to be there with all the personal service a bride could hope for.No matter how good my staff was, every bride wanted me there. My business grew through word of mouth. I never advertised.Every bride, every girl carries around a dream as to what she wants her wedding to be, my job was to turn that dream into a reality. In this business you have one time and one time only to do the job right. If it isn’t, you have destroyed that dream forever.
    There were many times from Thursday. (planning) through Sunday (completion of the last weekend wedding) I didn’t sleep. The business almost killed me.When I ended up in the hospital suffering from sheer exhaustion I decided that it was time to do something different
  • Management Representative –
    As a management representative and project manager, I traveled through the western United States and even spent 8 months in Canada. My job was to go into the various organizations, investigate probable causes for expansion and or lack of growth in an area. I wrote action plans, implementing them to either reinforce what was causing growth or helping to change what was keeping the organization from growing.I worked directly with the Executive Director of the organizations and with various employees to help establish a better working relationship with the home office thereby building stronger organizations That 15 years was a time of learning and growing and becoming the person that I had always wanted to be. I had the opportunity to learn what makes businesses grow and about what causes people to grow.
  • Hospital Admissions Registration/ Departmental Training  When my husband was diagnosed with leukemia, I had to take a job where I would no longer have to travel. I worked the graveyard shift at the start and was the caregiver for my spouse of over 20 years. Watching him deteriorate from the virile man I had loved for so long to a living skeleton was the hardest thing I have ever done. The hospital became my refuge. I could always look around me and find people in more trouble than we were. I found a place where I could be of genuine service to others.Because of my background and ability to relate training information to others, I quickly become the one to go to if the registrars were having difficulties with the registration process. I teach good customer service skills, computer data processing and the most important skill of all “caring”. If one truly cares about the individual in front of him, he is going to take the time it takes to ensure he gets the service that he needs. This caring has become the cornerstone upon which I build my referral marketing associates, members and trainees.

And Now I am in business for myself again and doing those things I most love about every experience that I have gained over the past 30 years. I don’t even pretend to know it all. but I am intelligent enough to know when I don’t know.

Through all these years, I have carried around a list of qualifications in examining all new business.

  • I don’t want to have to warehouse product or make product delivery
  • I have to be able to live my purpose and that is: to be the kind of person others will look to and say, “when I grow up, I want to be just like her.” You can’t even begin to imagine how I feel when someone volunteers that sentence. While I have heard it many times, each time I hear it, my spirit soars because I know I am living the life intended for me.
  • The business has to be easily duplicatable.
  • The time investment has to be minimal. One can work 12 to 15 hours a week, and make more money working part time over full time in from 2 – 5 years.
  • The business had to be mine to create with while at the same time BE “turnkey”.
  • The financial investment has to be minimal so that anyone can turn onto the opportunity Using the power of the internet you too can build a lucrative referral marketing business. This is an activity that you do every day of your life anyway. You refer friends, family and acquaintances to products and services you believe in, don’t you? Then if you continue with us completing each of the 10 steps to financial freedom you could replace and surpass your full time job with a part time business of your own.

So there you have my qualifications and just why I want the job of helping you to achieve your goals.

To your Success!

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